The Auberge Pom'poire opened its doors in March 2006 on the initiative of Christian and Florence Gillet, the parents, on the family lands and orchards. In 10 years, the art of hospitality so dear to the profession of innkeeper has deliciously invaded this establishment.

Second of three siblings, Bastien Gillet grew up here in the middle of the Ridellois orchards.
His somewhat hectic schooling led him to embark without much conviction on a cooking apprenticeship with Jean Luc Fèvre.
After a few months of training, he fell in love with the profession but also with the little apprentice sommelier, Emilie, who became his wife today.
After being trained in the fundamentals, they both decide to join the team to help parents.
Initially coming for a few months to lend a hand, the couple finally made their nest at the inn which has seen them mature over the years in their professional life as well as in their personal life, with the arrival of their two children Louane and Leandre.

It was in 2016 that the new generation took over, Bastien Gillet as piano master in the kitchens and Émilie as hostess. Today, they are rightly proud to have taken up the challenge and Bastien to have found a culinary identity without going to the kitchens of the great chefs.
Passionate, Bastien Gillet perfects his uniqueness as a perfect autodidact through instinctive cooking.

In 2021, great emotion with the obtaining of a star in the Michelin guide which comes to make the family house shine.

The year 2022 marks a turning point for L’Auberge with major expansion and embellishment work. Thought out since 2018, stopped by the Covid crisis and reboosted after obtaining the Michelin star, this life project is the culmination of a dream: that of sharing ever more strongly the passion for the art of hospitality. and gluttony, so dear to Emilie and Bastien. This parenthesis with many unforeseen events, far from being easy, was a real life experience full of emotion and beautiful encounters.

September 2022, long-awaited reopening of the family home after several months of work. This new setting, even closer to nature, promises to transmit new emotions to our customers in the company of a passionate and caring team for pleasant moments of sharing and conviviality.

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